Tuesday, June 25, 2013

School's Out! Yeah!

Hope you are enjoying your day...I am! School is out and as a School Janitor that means I get a bit of a break! {Before we start the really hard work of getting the school back in shape for September, but we are not going to focus on that part right now!}.
Anyway, I always post a picture of my grandkids on my door at work. My grandkids go to the same school where I work and they love seeing their picture up in the hall as they head off to the library, computer room or Worship Center. So today I thought I'd share the layout with you.
This came together nice and easy. I used up lots of little bits of product that I've had for awhile,{ie the flowers, gems, self adhesive title and papers}. Love being able to do that. The hardest part is getting these guys to pose for pictures! Some how bunny ears suddenly appear above someone's head or tongues and ears get stuck out!  Bet you'd never guess that by looking at their "angelic faces", lol.
Trusting you will have a great summer, filled with all you love.


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