Wednesday, March 13, 2013

*** Something A Little Different

Mixed Media Project
For some reason I have just fallin' in love with Owls & Mixed Media. So a few weekends ago while my granddaughter, Alanna, was over, we decided to have a go at it. Alanna didn't get her's finished before she had to go home so I'll have to get a picture of it from her to show you at a later date. Anyway here is what I came up with. The project base is a piece of flat canvas (81/2"x11"), from the Dollar Store. Then I sprayed it with several different colours of Adirondack colour wash. Using different things as stencils, (ie. broken pieces of pint baskets. stiff ribbon, spatulas,etc), I added molding compound to the different areas. Then I sprayed those areas with paint again. I braided together some old, brown, twisted paper and formed them into branches. I left the ends untwisted to act as leaves. The flowers are just an assortment of buttons that I glued together. To make the scripture verse I cut a strip of cardstock to fit through my Dymo labeller and punched the letters, then touched them up by dabbing with an ink pad. The owls are hand cut from an assortment of left-over scrap papers. I inked some of their edges and folder embossed some of their pieces. The cardstock eyes were drawn on using a Sharpie marker.
Close-up of the button flowers

Close-up of owl faces

            Well, that's it! It was a really fun project to do and honestly, not difficult in the least.
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life documented

Great to see the close ups Nancy, thanks for sharing with us at SBC and for the steps in your process to creating this fantastic project! what fun your granddaughter must've had!

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