Friday, September 5, 2014

DT Day over at Meljen's Designs

Hi there! For my DT Inspiration project I drew some inspiration from a little visitor we had this summer. A sweet little bunny! Here she is...

My husband and I thought she was just the cutest little thing and loved seeing her hopping around in our back yard. Then our neighbour told us that all of her Coneflowers had been eaten off, by what she suspected was a rabbit.  That's when we noticed that not only our Coneflowers, but most of our perennials, had been devoured! We also realized that our cute, little bunny had grown into a large, flower-eating rabbit! We tried to catch her in a live trap but ended up catching a squirrel instead!  Afraid that we might end up catching something worse {ie. skunk!}, we gave up on that idea. We then decided to secure our back yard so the rabbit couldn't get in, only to find out that we had ended up trapping her in! With the Fall season right around the corner we'd decided to give up catching her for now, only to discover that she has had a litter of little ones! Hopefully, as the foliage dies down in our flower beds, we will be able to discover where they are hiding and assist them in finding a new dwelling place. 
Anyway, all that said, here is the card that came out of this experience. 
 I still think bunnies are the cutest little things and Melissa has a litter full of adorable bunny images in the store. This one is called "Sweet Little Lop" and you can find her in the shop right here. 

Until next time, happy crafting.


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