Saturday, April 28, 2012

The 20 Minute Challenge

                                                        Our youngest daughter is staying with us for a few days while her bathroom is being remodeled, ( she only has 1 bathroom at her place). Anyway, last evening she decided the two of us should have a quick 20 minute challenge. She gave us each 4 small pieces of paper on which we had to write something that would go on or into a card. We then, with our eyes closed, each pulled out 3 of the now 8 pieces of paper. This gave us the 6 challenge elements we had to use on our cards. We then had 20 mintues to complete it. My husband was to be the judge, poor guy! Anyway we had to use 2 printed papers, 2 embellishmnets, a diecut, a brad, a circle & a stamp.
                                                        Well, my daughter ended up asking for an extra 10 minutes, but, in the end I still won simply because she forgot to use a diecut. What a blessing for my husband, lol.
                                                          So here is my 20 minute card. 

Here is a link to Jasmine's finished card.I'm so glad she was disqualified because her card turned out so lovely I know she would have won.

It was spur of the moment & fun. We'll have to try this again, real soon.



I would just like to clear up a little matter...I ASKED YOU if you would like 10 more minutes...YES!YES! was your response! I simply agreed.

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